Tattoo Removal or Fading??

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I just got a tattoo yesterday, the date 3-23-06,When I got how I realized it was supposed to say 4-23-06, so I need to remove or fade the 3 so I can get a 4 in its place. I'm not good at confronting people and I know i should just go back but I would probably just start crying my eyes out! I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner. Does anyone know an inexpensive way to fade or remove this??? Please help me!




  1. Go back, tell them and have them (when it is healed) use a sharpie so you can see what the correction would look like. They can use white ink and then go back when that is healed and change things. If all you got is the date then you may have to get something else with it as a cover up with the date worked in or near the design. The tattoo artist should work with you especially if it was their fault not yours.

    For future reference: Always proof your stencil before it is on you and after it is placed on you before they touch you with the ink.

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