I need to fade my tattoo. Anybody tattoo fade w/Neosporin?

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Tell me your experience. Tell me anything that caused your new tat to fade. My tat is 24 hrs old and I have a appt. with for laser in 6 wks. I want to help my wallet and the laser session by fading any bit I can in the meantime...Tips!!! I need it! If you are wondering why? I left a post on how the artist did everything to his preference without acknowledging me and now I have a tat I DO NOT want. I don't think I will ever get one again...this is my first w/ such a bad experience.




  1. that really sucks... you should have seen the entire design before it was done though.

    if you're not happy go back to the shop and they should be able to cover it with something you like for free.

    but creams and stuff don't work

  2. You never let someone tattoo you without having them make up a transfer so you can see how your tattoo is going to look on you.

    Seriously I agree with the person who said to wait. 24 hours is way too short a time to decide about a tattoo and if it still comes out looking like something you don't want then go somewhere and have one you do like put over it,

  3. im so sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience...when i was going to get my first tat i went to a guy everybody just praised. i was trying to get him to draw a sketch for me of what i wanted and he kept telling me stuff like 'oh, that wont look right, you need to do it like this' etc. needless to say, i didnt let him touch me with a needle! its my body, my tat! i ended up drawing it myself and going to someone else(and i love it!). i would try using that wrecking balm everyone talks about. or even just using neosporin will make it scab and you can pick the scabs. but im not sure what else to suggest. let the sun hit it, dont moisturize it, etc...all the things you normally wouldnt want to do...

  4. my god that's terrible!  you should complain to the tattooist and ask him to modify or do another tattoo over it for free. but i understand that you probably want it totally gone!

    sunlight will fade the tattoo, i think there are creams to fade tattoos but i don't know the names of any of them!!  

    but id definitely complain to the tattoo place and at least ask for compensation! do anything you can to get a result, threaten to wright to the local news paper and ruin his business by telling everyone how bad he is.  

    good luck to you! x


    Neosporin will cause a disgusting mess and makes things worse for you.

    My best advice for you is to let it heal properly. The last thing you want is an unwanted tattoo and an infection. If you let it properly heal, it will be the easiest to remove with the laser.

    Keep in mind there are other options besides a laser too, like

  6. Wow, that's awful.  There's no way to fix it?  Didn't you approve the tat before?  Talk to his boss if he won't fix it for free then have someone else fix it.  

    To fade though, start taking the scab off, rubbing it etc.  That'll pull ink out with it.  Also lay in the sun, that'll help.  Mos tattoos I've seen removed have been old so I want to think somethink brand new will come off easier but couldn't say for sure.

    So sorry it didn't turn out for you.  Don't completely sour on it, just vet your tattooist better for the next one.  Look at his books, talk to him and feel out his attitudes.

  7. What are you thinking!?

    You sound like you are in a panic, but you need to relax and listen a minute.

    Your new tattoo, whatever it is, looks as dark as a Sharpie marker at 1st.

    You absolutely can not judge how it will look when it is healed at this point. It will go through all kinds of weird phases, it may swell and look absolutely horrible, it will peel, flake, it will get a milky filmy look, it will shine, and then and only then, will it settle done, - your body part will be it's proper size, it won't look like a black marker. At this point, is when you assess it, not before (trust me - part of my wrist tattoo looked like someone literally, squeezed barbed wire over my arm, and it was swollen and red and peoples eyes widened, and they mumbled something and got away from me as soon as possible. I was very scared about it, it was sooooo black, but, ... it settled down, And by, the time it healed, I realized that it needed something to calm down the  black, and change the focus. I added other design elements, and flowers. And now it is gorgeous, I'm in love with it. And that 1st part, now looks like the 2 little black dragons that they were supposed to be in the 1st place, but now I have something so much more unique.

    So, to you. Take good care of it. As if it was just what you wanted. Wait. and then take more good care of it, and wait some more.

    Realize that laser removal hurts more than getting the tattoo, takes several sessions, and might leave a scar.

    Don't do anything harmful, you could get an infection, and everything could be much more painful, and you could compound your problems.

    If you truly hate it when it is healed, please consider an experienced, well known artist (maybe 10 yrs. at least tattooing) and talk to him/her about a cover up, or additions, or what your options are.

    Here is a site showing cover ups, click on the bottom left picture of scales:

    Calm down, breath, everything will be fine. Relax, it might end up being a 'happy accident'.!  

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