Spinners should try to spin the ball, rather than focusing on accuracy, says Tauseef Ahmed - Cricket News Update

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Spinners should try to spin the ball, rather than focusing on accuracy, says - Cricket News Update

Former Pakistani off-spinner, Tauseef Ahmed, has said that the spin bowlers should focus on trying to spin the ball rather than concentrating on accuracy.
Tauseef, who is currently the coach of Region in the domestic cricket of Pakistan, was a regular member of Pakistan team during the 1980s. He was also one of the coaches during the recently concluded fast track coaching program of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).
He is of the opinion that the spinners in the modern day cricket try to focus on line and length, rather than trying to spin the ball, which is their primary objective.
Tauseef was a bowler who did not have a lot of variety under his belt, but he used his off-break to good effect and said that his ability to spin the ball helped him to claim a lot of wickets caught by the close-in fielders.
He said, “The most essential quality for a spinner is the ability to spin. Line and length come second. My off-break was the most lethal weapon in my armoury. It would often "bite" the surface and shoot off it, giving me a lot of catches at short leg and silly point.”
The 53-year-old former cricketer has played 34 Test matches and 70 One Day Internationals for Pakistan in his career. He picked up 93 wickets for his country in Test cricket with the help of three five-wicket hauls. However, his best performance came in the Bangalore Test in 1987 against
Tauseef feels that T20 cricket is great for fans but it is damaging the players and this is one of the reasons why we do not see enough quality spin bowlers around the world.
“Twenty20 is good entertainment, but it is harming techniques. For spinners the main priority is to avoid being hit, so they bowl a flat trajectory. They are afraid to invite batsman to drive,” he added.
He also claimed that he would have taken a lot more wickets if technology was used in old days for umpiring decisions.
“Had the DRS been around in our time, I would definitely have had more wickets,” said Tauseef.  



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