Hockey Fan John Marshall, Washington Capitals uplift local area school –NHL News Update

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Hockey Fan John Marshall, Washington Capitals uplift local area school –NHL News Update
Long time hockey fan, John Marshall, proved on Saturday that love for the game never really dies once you have fell for it. Being the son of renowned United States Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, whom the local area school is named after and partnering
up with Washington Capitals, made the moment that much more special.
Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice and a lover of the game of ice hockey, played a big part in his children’s lives, developing their taste for the game.
"He would actually get us out of bed for practices at five or six in the morning", John Marshall said of his famous father. "The one thing I think that most people don't know, it's not in history books, is that he took his boys to hockey practice and supported
us at a young age before hockey really picked up in this area. It's the one thing that people don't know -- he loved ice hockey and he loved watching us play".
It was the motivation he received from his father as a child, which till this day, gives John Marshall all the more reason to support hockey in his city, namely the Thurgood Marshall Elementary School.
The latest venture was on Saturday, August 21st, which was also the D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) annual Beautification Day, an annual event which is held in order to revamp the looks of Washington’s publics schools, all around the city before the
academic year starts.
Washington Capitals is giving back to the community for the third straight year and they were the ones to contact Marshall this time.
"When I was contacted by the Caps to do this, I thought it was just a great connection", Marshall said, adding that his father’s name on it made it even more special "There was no way I couldn't be here”.
Veteran centre player for Washington Capitals, Matt Hendricks was representing the Eastern Conference leaders and provided the school with a number of things including building a school garden, painting, new classrooms along with a new smart board and street
hockey equipment.
Hopefully for the school, the tradition will continue and Marshall’s name will continue to be praised for his work for the hockey community.



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