Spencer Levin falters in the final round of the Memorial Tournament

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Spencer Levin falters in the final round of the Memorial Tournament
Spencer Levin faltered in the final round of the Memorial Tournament at the Muirfield Village Golf Club to finish tied for the fourth position on the leaderboard on Sunday, June 3, 2012.
Levin started the round with a one-stroke lead over Rory Sabbatini and recorded a birdie on the very first hole.
Thereafter, he managed to par each of the next eight holes to retain the lead through the front nine with nine under par overall score.
At that stage, Tiger Woods and Sabbatini were sharing the second spot at six under overall score.
However, he failed to hold his nerves and carded two bogeys and a double bogey on the first four holes of the back nine.
It proved to be the turning point of the game and he failed to make a comeback in the game, afterwards. In the end, he had to settle for a three-over par 75 in the final round.
In the meantime, Woods made a late charge on the back nine of the course and signed his scorecard with a five-under par 67 that was enough to earn him his fifth victory in the Memorial Tournament.
"He was hitting some solid golf shots, and it was fun to see him finally out there making some swings like he does when we're at home," said Fowler, who played the final two rounds in the same group as was Woods. "He looked very comfortable and hit a lot
of good shots, and the times where he's in the moment and in the heat of contention is where he really shines".
"The way he did it, he just played great," Jack Nicklaus added. "Last time he won here, he came here a little bit struggling then and just absolutely blitzed it, and he did it again this week".
At the end of the tournament, Levin looked really disappointed, as he had a great chance to record the first PGA Tour victory of his career.
Golf commentators believe that he looked completely out of focus on the back nine of the course and he consistently found bunkers and roughs that cost him the lead in the end.



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