Southway Star set to cause an upset in Sports, Games, Bingo & More Handicap Hurdle

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Southway Star set to cause an upset in Sports, Games, Bingo & More Handicap Hurdle
Southway Star will be looking to cause an upset in the Sports, Games, Bingo & More Handicap Hurdle at Newton Abbot in England on Sunday, September 2, 2012. She does not have a very good strike rate, but the wet track conditions at the venue
will favour her today.
The competition in the class-2 event is expected to be a close one and the winner will get a cash prize of £15,640 in the end. There are some very good runners lined up for action in the race, but the result will be dependent on the conditions.
There has been a lot of rain at Newton Abbot in recent times, thus the going has become heavy. However, the weather remained dry overnight and the conditions will improve to some extent before the start of action.
This will not be good news for someone like Decoy, who has earned the best odds for victory today. He can be extremely competitive in tricky conditions, but if the going gets better, he will have to cope up with a lot of pressure from his opponents.
On the other hand, Southway Star will also not like the track to improve, as she has a great chance of winning in these conditions. She is not considered to be a threat for her opponents, thus the bookies have priced her 12 to 1. However, she has the ability
to prove them wrong at the end of the day.
The seasoned mare made her debut in 2008 and has been around for quite some time now. She has the ability to adjust to different conditions, but her chances will be greater on a rain affected field.
The Susan Gardner’s trainee has participated in a total of 25 races, winning six of them and finished as a runner up once. Her record is not much impressive, but it clearly shows that she is fully capable of fighting for victories.
However, the skilful mare is not carrying a very good momentum right now, as she finished seventh in her previous race. She will need to forget that and do her best today. Her chances of winning will be more, as her partner will be veteran jockey, Richard
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