Daddy Warbucks tipped to succeed in Sports Games Bingo & More Handicap

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Daddy Warbucks tipped to succeed in Sports Games Bingo & More Handicap
Daddy Warbucks has got a great chance of winning the Sports Games Bingo & More Handicap at Catterick in England on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. He will have to beat nine other fierce competitors in order to claim a cash prize of £4,528 from the
class-4 event.
The going has been described as soft in the 7 furlong event, which is scheduled to start at 15:40 GMT. Luckily, the weather has remained dry overnight, thus the participants will not have to worry about the conditions.
Looking at the statistics of all runners, it seems that the competition will be quite an interesting one in the end. The bookmakers have shown confidence in the abilities of Idler, who will like the conditions at Catterick. He has done well on soft ground
in the past and has the ability to repeat such a show once again.
However, things will certainly not be easy for the young gelding, as he will be up against some extremely talented runners. One of them will be Daddy Warbucks, who has got a very good record and will be the one to watch out for at the end of the day. He
has been priced 6 to 1 by the bookies and the punters will definitely be interested in risking money on him.
The David Nicholls’ trainee has participated in 14 races until now, winning five of them. This shows that his strike rate is not bad at all and he has the ability to take the top spot with consistency. Other than his victories, he has also finished as a
runner up on three occasions, which proves that he is a confident performer.
The three-year-old gelding did not start off his career on a positive note, as he finished in a disappointing seventh place in his first ever outing. He had to work extremely hard in order to start winning races, but he finally broke the shackles at the
end of the 2011 season, winning his maiden event.
In 2012, Daddy Warbucks has managed to win four races until now and he will be expecting more victories before the end of the year. He has enjoyed a very good time under Adrian Nicholls, who will be partnering him once again today.
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