Singapore International Series: Aiying Xing intercepts Pei Hsin Chiang for a quarter-final spot

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Singapore International Series: Aiying Xing intercepts Pei Hsin Chiang for a quarter-final spot
Women’s Singles shuttler Aiying Xing toppled Pei Hsin Chiang to power her way into quarter-final round of Li-Ning Singapore International Series on Thursday, August 16, 2012.
This hard fought battle proved tough trial of physical and mental strength as both contenders consumed their energies for 45 minutes to read final figures of 21-13, 17-21 and 21-5.
The victorious shuttler, who belongs to Singapore, proved her supremacy in opening and closing segments of the battle.
Meanwhile, the Taipei campaigner could live her moment of glory only in second set and crashed out of this International Series.
Now, World Number 35 player Aiying Xing has fair chance to advance into semi-finals as she is scheduled to meet a lower ranked shuttler Ying Chun Lin in round of eight.
She will utilise all of her confidence which she has earned through an unbeatable run in the home event.
In pre quarter-finals, Aiying Xing took off in perfect manner and kept her rival grounded in the opening game.
She laid foundation of her supremacy by gathering few successive points and enjoyed this upper hand all the way to half-time.
Later part of the game saw her in complete control and smacking the opponent with a staggering knock of 21-13.
The Taipei campaigner, who looked confused in first set, showed transformed character in following game. She played with great precision and brought the contest to right balance.
Pei Hsin set the ball rolling by dominating in couple of nonstop rallies and managed to go with same flow to finish first half as leading contender.
She did not lose focus at any stage of the game and dictated her competitor all the way to game point situation. She maintained a decent lead of four points and levelled the match score with 21-17 margin on the board.
However, it proved her last success in this International Series as the high ranked Aiying Xing completely enthralled her with a commendable show of badminton craft.
The Singaporean shuttler proved herself superior in all departments of the game and hardly faced any trouble while piling up an overwhelming total of 21-5.



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