Ying Chun Lin beats Yuki Fukushima in Women’s Singles round-of-16 at Singapore International Series

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Ying Chun Lin beats Yuki Fukushima in Women’s Singles round-of-16 at Singapore International Series
Chinese Taipei’s talented player Ying Chun Lin showed her remarkable performance and surged into Women’s Singles quarter-final after beating Japan’s Yuki Fukushima in round-of-16 clash at the Singapore International Series 2012 on Thursday, August 16, in Singapore.
The in-form Ying Chun, who has been delivering a gutsy performance in the tournament, continued her winning run and employed all of her skills to chuck out her spirited Japanese opponent in hard-fought three sets.
The Taipei shuttler won the opening set with a tight margin but remained unlucky in the second game and lost it in a similar fashion. However, she put up staggering show in the final set and eventually won it to finish off the battle in three games with a reasonable margin on the board.
In the meanwhile, Yuki also showed her brilliance on court by playing to her maximum potential but failed to dominate the pace in the ending set and lost the match with a respectable margin on the board.
Both shuttlers showed a wonderful fight in the opening set as they played with precision and remained close on board until the one-minute break.
After the one-minute interval, it was Ying Chun who put up wonderful show and took a small lead at the ending phase. She remained on track at this crucial stage and won the game with a tight margin of 21-19.
In the following set, the game became more intense when both shuttlers played to their maximum potential and remained close as no one could set up lead until the end of opening half.
After the break, the match progressed in the similar thrilling fashion and both players reached at 21-21 when Ying Chun failed to maintain her upper hand on court and lost the set with a dramatic margin of 21-23.
In the decider, Ying Chun showed her aggression as she played attacking and positive badminton and took a wonderful lead until the break.
After the mid-game interval, Ying Chun continued her smooth sailing on court and eventually took the set with a one-sided margin of 21-12.
The impressive Ying Chun won this epic battle in rubber games with a thrilling 21-19, 21-23 and 21-12 score on the board.



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