Should Northrop-Grumman/Air-Bus build our next, new Air Force refueling <span title="tanker/troop-transport/cargo">tanker/troop-transport/ca...</span> aircraft?

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  1. no  our military planes should be built here in the usa using usa parts so that no country can hold us hostage by keeping parts coming to fix the airplanes if they get angry with america.   besides everyone knows that american made products are the best in the world.  mr  doodles

  2. The Air Force needs tankers badly. I don&#039;t see why we can&#039;t have both. Two planes, two builders, this gets tankers into service twice as fast. Then Boeing could convert the C-17 into a tanker thus giving the Air Force three tankers.

    During WW2 there were many different factories making the same planes to multiply the output. Why not do something similar today.

  3. Not according to Boeing.

    The bid process I think is still under review, but if the specs for the NG plane is better than Boeing&#039;s, it is going to win. I am not an aeronautics expert, but I trust the Air Force is doing what they know to be best for them.

  4. Normally i would say no.

    But the reason that Boeing lost the original Contract, was because they broke the law and tried to rig the bidding process.

    A Boeing VP and an Air Force Colonel are now both in federal prison.

    Boeing promised the Colonel a job at Boeing, if she sent Boeing the sealed bids of the other bidding on the contract,

    And for helping Boeing in the selection process.

    Boeing got caught, which resulted in the contract being rebid.

    A process that Boeing lost, due to using an inferior air frame.

    Boeing had its chance, cheated, broke the law the first time, lost to a better air plane the second time.

    Shouldn&#039;t we have the best air plane ?

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