Should Jose Mourinho get the sack at Chelsea?

by Praise  |  5 years, 7 month(s) ago

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  1. Praise

    In his second regin as Chelsea Coach, he has won the premier league and carling cup but currently, Chelsea are languishing in 15th position which shouldnt be. The question is should Mourinho be given time or should he be sacked? and if he is, he would become the ninth manager to lose his job since the takeover of Russian Billionaire- Roman Abrahamovich. The club has good calibre of players but they are not playing that well as we expect them to and during the past transfer window, it failed in the pursuit of its main targets like John Stones of Everton and Paul Pogba of Juventus. All hope should not be lost! the transfer window is close, being a loyal fan of Chelsea and the knowledge of who Mourinho is; the best one can do is to support the team and not clamouring for his head. Be a true fan of Chelsea Football Club during the good and bad days.

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