How can I get the woman of my dreams?

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    One basic characteristic of a dream woman is the beauty which attracts the guy. A beautiful woman is not short of compliments from admirers which automatically classifies you amongst them. There is a way out from the crowd to been the sole charm to her heart and no magic involved but practical tips that will help you. First, make a good impression: do not be overwhelmed by her looks which can make you shy rather be distinct in your approach like 'Hi, I think you are beautiful', then tease to get her contact. Don't try to impress her and avoid bugging with constant calls, when conversing with her; make her happy so that she would yearn to hear you the more. Start becoming romantic so that she can share her thoughts, feelings, wants and needs and make her feel comfortable, afterwards the idea of dinner, outing would be ideal. At this point, you will be experiencing disagreements that will make you both argue; don't persist instead be the cool guy with understanding and intensify the communication, let her know how much you love her and discreet its flaws. Practically show the love you have for her by the giving of gifts and increase the amount of time you spend with her, don't forget during your meetings to keep contact eyes with her, as time goes on you become the man of the moment.

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