Shell Houston 2012, another successful charity event for PGA Tour

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Shell Houston 2012, another successful charity event for PGA Tour
PGA tour not only hosts some of the best players of the world but it also works for a noble cause. Many high profile golf tournaments donate at least some amount for charity work.
There are also some fund raiser organisations that host tournaments, like the AT&T National hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation.
However, the Shell Houston has left no stone unturned in its commitment towards the help of the needy. Since 1991, Shell has been the prime sponsor of the Houston Open and the company has been working in collaboration with the tour authorities for the noble cause.
The Shell Houston Open 2012 was another successful event for the PGA Tour in terms of charity.
$2,285,000 was donated in charity from this year’s tournament. Moreover, owing to everybody’s credit, the money is already in use for the betterment of the Houston community.
From last year, $200,000 extra was raised this year. This shows the dedication and commitment behind the event which is put in by the sponsors.
Houston Golf Association has always been a fore runner when it comes to donating in the charities. So far a total of $57.5 million has been donated since 1974.
"We're proud that the Shell Houston Open has gained a reputation as a powerful fund-raiser for youth development programs as well as a world class professional golf tournament," Odum said, President of Shell Oil Company.
The Houston Golf Association has been promoting golf in the region since 1946. In addition, it has been donating generously in the charities since1974.
Houston Golf Association President Steve Timms is proud of what HGA has achieved so far and hoped that this collaboration between Shell and HGA will continue to flourish.
"Our supporters -- sponsors and volunteers alike -- continue to challenge us to do more to positively impact the lives of young people each year," Timms said. "We salute those stakeholders for helping us in our mission to make our community better".
Shell is one of the leading oil companies of the world and for them donating so generously is a humble act. Other multinational companies should also join hands in this noble cause.



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