Cadillac ready to sponsor PGA tour event in 2012

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It is being rumoured that Cadillac might become the official sponsor for the PGA Tour event, which will take place in Detroit in 2012.
The news has been leaked by an insider report and according to it a deal is in process between the PGA officials and the management of Cadillac.
Cadillac is a luxury brand of General Motors and is a symbol of success and prestige in United States. The brand has been part of various sponsorships, but had to pull out owing to recession in the economy and bankruptcy filed by its parent company.
The management is said to be exploring various options to launch a new event in Detroit. The event is speculated to be held early next year to aid in the construction of the city. General Motors marketing Chief Joel Ewanick disclosed the reason behind the
venture. According to him, the company had been involved in various social responsible activities and that was the basic reason behind the possible deal.
On the other hand, Cadillac’s spokes person, Nick Twork has denied commenting on a relevant topic. According to him, the announcement is due for Monday and nothing can be disclosed with certainty before the meeting between the two parties. The meeting is
said to be held in Detroit Golf Club.
Michigan was the host to a PGA Tour event in 2009, the Buick Open in Grand Blanc. However, due to financial issues, Buick ended its sponsorship with the tour. Buick has been the official sponsor for the event for five decades.
Good news has introduced the New Year for the PGA tour and chances are that such celebrations will continue in the coming years making the tour bigger than they are today. Let us see if similar news pours in Tiger Woods bag, who once was the official brand
ambassador for Buick in 2009.



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