Shaun Marcum’s dominant pitching prevail Milwaukee Brewers over Houston Astros 5-0

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Shaun Marcum’s dominant pitching prevail Milwaukee Brewers over Houston Astros, 5-0: MLB Update
Milwaukee Brewers' starter Shaun Marcum had an outstanding day with the ball as he pitched seven solid innings without giving any run which resulted in the Brewers, 5-0 victory against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Friday night, April 29.
Marcum said of his performance, “It's [flu] been going around the clubhouse, we've just got to keep doing our jobs. My legs were like jelly. I threw a lot of curveballs to keep them off-balance. I didn't locate my fastball very well.”
Marcum threw a shutout inning for the first time in his career and permitted just three hits with six strike-outs and two walks to brush aside the Astros with a huge lead. Marcum gave away two homers in the last start but in this game, he was amazing.
The Brewers' manager, Ron Roenicke, was satisfied with the pitching performance of Marcum. He said, “He wasn't feeling all that good. He said no big deal and his location was great, he was down in the zone most of the day, the changeup great again and the breaking ball really good.”
Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder both hit home runs in the first inning against the Astros' starter, Brett Myers to open their scoring account and led off the Brewers 2-0. In the third inning, Fielder took a double and hit an RBI single to extend the lead 3-0. Yuniesky Betancourt struck a solo homer in the fourth inning and the Brewers reached 4-0 with that shot.
The Brewers were unable to score in the fifth and sixth inning but Braun made a single in the seventh inning to take the lead 5-0. It was considered as the game winning performance that Braun gave to the Brewers. He completed his 23rd run of the season with that seventh inning single.
The Astros' batters failed to score any run on the impressive pitching of Marcum and the relievers. They had a chance to get a single in the fourth inning but the runners missed that. Brett Wallace suffered a right hip injury on collision with Fielder during the seventh inning.
Myers was expensive with his pitching. He gave away four runs on five hits including four earned runs and struck out eight batters in six inning pitches.



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