Seattle Mariners’ pursuit for Prince Fielder – MLB Special

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Seattle Mariners’ pursuit for Prince Fielder – MLB Special   
Free agent Prince Fielder is currently considered one of the most talented baseball players in Major League Baseball and not only the Seattle Mariners but many other MLB teams are also pursuing him for future seasons.
But on the whole, the Mariners are looking more desperate to sign Fielder as their general manager Jack Zduriencik has told the media. People very much know about the past relationship of Prince Fielder and Zduriencik during their time in the Milwaukee Brewers.
Zduriencik was present at a ceremony where sports journalists were poured in to ask questions on the recent pursuit of Seattle Mariners bringing Prince Fielder into their franchise.
Jack said, “I don’t think it’s in our best interest to do that, I apologize. I wish I could tell you a little more, but I don’t think it’s fair for us. A lot of times these come down to what the player and agent views as the best opportunity for them and
they have to gauge that on many fronts,  I’ve known Prince since he was a young kid in high school, Prince or any other player has to do what’s best for their best interest.”
Though, Zduriencik told all these things in a bit witty manner but he is committed and completely dedicated to the Mariners at the moment, he was certainly objective saying that his franchise needs a player like Fielder.
Officials from both sides are still feeling no positive vibes to work with each other but Fielder’s future is being discussed in the media, where everybody gets interested and wanted to know where he potentially is going.
One particular point of adding a match winner player into the Mariners next season also has its own share of making Fielder’s free agency so popular in the media and at the same time for all the concerned MLB teams as well.
The next baseball’s winter meeting is also very important and some say that Fielder’s agent and even the player himself will fly to attend the meeting with other free agents and MLB’s different executives.
To include a veteran starter in the line-up is also the main concern for the Mariners who are not only pursuing hard for Prince Fielder but also want to add Mark Buehrle in the franchise. This will also make a team with a title contending roster. This might
look unrealistic at the moment as Mark Buehrle will play for the Mariners but with a strong financial backup, this can be possible.
We as spectators sometimes do not understand the inner complexities of a certain franchise but when a team bids for a certain player and wants him to play for them, the very idea of affording a particular player rests with the finances of that particular
The Mariners, who has recently showed interest to sign Prince Fielder is very much financial related. Before he was waived off by the Milwaukee Brewers in this offseason, he and his agent offered a deal to the Brewers management that was way out of the reach
of Milwaukee Brewers.
The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and in no way represent's official editorial policy.



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