Impressive rotation for the Philadelphia Phillies – MLB News

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Impressive rotation for the Philadelphia Phillies – MLB News
The Philadelphia Phillies are not playing around, they have one thing on their mind and that is winning. Having the best pitching rotation in Major League Baseball, it is no wonder that they focus for the Phillies is to go all the way to the World Series.
Pitchers like Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Joe Blanton and Roy Oswalt are all at the Phillies disposal. On any other team, just one of these tremendous pitchers is enough for a successful starting rotation spot. The Phillies pitching rotation is
the one of the most impressive in MLB history.
Many baseball experts feel that the Phillies are ripe for a World Series victory this year as they are stacked up to the hilt with talent and the focus needed to get to the top. Any one of their pitchers has the capability to destroy the batting line-up
of any top tier team in the League.
As Spring Training starts, the Phillies will be given the opportunity to show off their tremendous pitching depth that most teams are envious of. The team will be looking for a good performance during the spring session and get some much needed playing time
in for some of the younger players in the squad.
However, their pitchers are ready to go and as long they stay healthy, the Phillies will be one tough team to beat.
Halladay said, "A big part of it for me is not having the best pitching staff in history, but having the best chance to get to the postseason and get to the World Series. To be on a team that has that chance is what every player wants."
Some feel that the Phillies are getting ahead of themselves, as there is still a long way to go until the World Series and like most sports, anything can happen.
Lee said, "But if we're saying right now [that] we're going to win the World Series, that's kind of getting the cart ahead of the horse. There are a lot of things that can happen between now and then. So we need to focus on today, and tomorrow focus on tomorrow."
It is obvious for their pitching rotation that the Phillies do not just want to win, they want to win big. Most experts agree to the fact that if the Phillies’ pitching rotation fires, then it will be next to impossible for other teams to score runs of them.
The team has made all the right moves during the off-season and now it is time to test their mettle in Spring Training and the regular season. Only time will tell if the best pitching rotation in MLB history is capable of winning it all.



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