Samba Golf, Adidas footwear

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Samba Golf, Adidas footwear
For years, Adidas has been producing top quality sports apparel. Adidas is not only the top choice of most of the professionals, but its products are widely regarded as the best in the business.
A few years back, Adidas introduced a new shoe for golf, Samba golf. Samba shoe is one of the most famous and widely used shoes that Adidas has ever come up with.
More than 35 million pairs have been sold across the globe. Samba was basically introduced in the 1950’s for footballers, to train on hard and icy surfaces.
Over the period of time, as things have evolved, Samba introduced a shoe for golfers. Samba Golf is one of the most comfortable and durable golf shoes you could ever have dreamed off.
“SAMBA has been widely loved around the world for decades,” said Bill Price, Vice President of Adidas Golf Footwear. “It’s time to bring its timeless styling to the golf course”.
It looks like a casual classic shoe. Its three stripe design resembles the football shoes of the 70’s and the 80’s. The toe guard is extremely durable and THINTECH low-profile provides a perfect balance while performing strokes.
The good thing about Samba is that it is fairly low profile and weighs much lesser than a normal golf shoe. The foot bed is extremely comfortable. The soft sole of the shoes ensures that your foot does not get tired.
The shoe is also waterproof as it was advertised. The spikes underneath are designed in a way that, not only do they provide a firm grip on the ground, but even if you are performing a shot in wet conditions that stroke will be performed with maximum perfection.
However, there is one drawback of the shoe, it is very narrow. Those who have wide feet will have a slight difficulty initially. Nevertheless, once they get used to it, they would not want to take it off.
The shoe comes in with different colours and designs. Black/White /Gum, White/Black/Gum, and Satellite/White/ Gum are available at all the outlets.
With more than 35 million pairs sold, Adidas decided to introduce a new colour, red/white/gum for its users.



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