New York Yankees’ Russell Martin may attract attention of New York Mets - MLB Update

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New York Yankees’ Russell Martin may attract attention of New York Mets - MLB Update
In the offseason, New York Mets will be looking to fix issues which they confronted during the regular season. One of the areas that they may be concerned about is their catching department.
As the season was underway, they acquired Kelly Shoppach through a trade after they found their regular catcher Josh Thole not living up to expectations.
While for the time being the Mets inducted Shoppach and improved defensively to some extent, for the long run they will be conscious of the requirements.
They will be aware of the fact that they need someone who can play through the season and not only help them defensively but also produce quality hits consistently.
In this regard, they will be eyeing on Russell Martin, who is a current New York Yankees’ catcher. Martin inked one year contract worth $7.5 million with the Yankees before the start of 2012 regular season.
If the Yankees do not offer him contract extension, the Mets will have an opportunity to acquire Martin.
Martin is an extremely talented catcher as he is capable of striking mammoth home-runs.
If the Mets can have him in the line-up, it will strengthen their offence. Along with David Wright and Ike Davis, he can form an ideal combination. As a result, the Mets can post substantial number of runs in most of the matches.
What hurt the Mets immensely in the recently concluded regular season was an inability of most of their batters to strike hits.
More often than not, handful of hitters stepped up while the majority of their batters struggled to connect appropriately at the plate.
In the second half of the season, most of the matches saw either David Wright or Ike Davis contributing for scoring runs. This shows that the Mets lack depth in the offence.
An inclusion of Martin can go a long way in diversifying their areas of reliance for producing runs.
It remains to be seen whether the Mets are actually considering Martin or not but certainly as they begin barnstorming with regard to bringing changes for the upcoming season they will be unable to overlook Martin.



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