Reds add young ace Chapman to bullpen

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Reds add young ace Chapman to bullpen
There is much excitement in Cincinnati as the Reds are six games up in the NL Central and appear to be pulling away from the rest. Joey Votto is having an MVP-like season and the Reds are primed for their first playoff appearance in over a decade. They now may get some more help down the stretch as they will have the power of a 105 mph fastball helping them as Cuban sensation Aroldis Chapman has been called up for the remainder of the season.
The minor league season has ended for the Red’s Triple-A team and Chapman will take a spot in the Reds’ bullpen. The Reds added him just in time by adding him to the roster in August as he will now be eligible to play in the postseason and go up against hitters who have never seen him before.
Chapman seemed to be heading towards a starting job in the Reds’ rotation back in Spring Training but back spasms had him sidelined and he didn’t make the team. The Reds signed the 22-year-old lefty to a six-year deal worth $30.25 million in January but sent him down to Louisville.
Chapman was most effective as a reliever. As a starter, he went 5-5 with a 4.11 ERA in 13 starts and was clocked at throwing for 103 mph. He experienced more success as a reliever going 4-1 with a 2.40 ERA in 26 relief appearances. In 30 innings, Chapman struck out 49 batters and was clocked at throwing fastballs at 105 mph.
“We felt with his stuff, if you shorten the game more he should be successful. That's why we put him in there for now. We'll get him back to starting next year,” said Reds’ General Manager Walt Jocketty.
The Reds have their fair share of starters but Chapman can indeed play a significant role. He is doing very well in his relief duties and could be a big help to the Reds as the play-offs approach. It may take a little while for batters to catch up to his lightning pitches and that could spell victories. Chapman now has a chance to make a strong impression heading into next season and may play yet a much bigger role in 2011.



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