Champions night heats at Romford preview

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Champions night heats at Romford preview
Romford will host nine heats Wednesday night in preparation for three Champions Night finals. First up will be the Puppy Standard, followed by the Hurdle, and the Standard will close off what will be an exciting night.
The first heat of the Champions Night Puppy Standard will feature Seathwaite Ville and Devastator as the likely favourites, who currently sit at 9-4 and 11-4 respectively. Devastator didn’t look good in her last race on 13 August but took second as the 11-10 race favourite on 9 August, coincidently that race was won by Seathwaite Ville.
The second heat will feature Rayvin Giovanni, who currently sits at 1-3, and will probably be a heavy favourite. Giovanni has not raced since 3 August, but took first place in two of his last three races. Cocknet Diva is sitting at 10-1 out of the sixth trap, but has looked good in her last two T2 races, finishing second and first.
The third heat has Little Urge at 1-2 after drawing the first trap. Urge should have little difficulty winning this race after finishing first in her last two races. Don’t count out Jadon Blue though, who has won three of his last four races including an A2 race on 21 August.
The first Champions Night Hurdle will feature Little Boy from the first trap, and Lenson Flash from the sixth, both sitting at 2-1. Little Boy won his last race on 20 August while Flash has won three of his last five races, and took second in the other two. Flash is a wide runner and will enjoy coming out of the sixth trap.
Hurdles heat two will see Rahora as the likely race favourite, who currently sits at 9-4. The field in this heat is wide open with Barnagrane Barry, who has won three of his last five races, as the likely longshot. Punters should be careful when betting on this one.
The final heat of the Hurdles has Platinum Formaly in the first trap at 2-1, and just behind him in the early odds is Little Spark at 9-4. Formaly has won two of his past three races including his last race on 28 August. Little Spark did not look good in his last two races, finishing no higher than fifth, but was able to win two of three races before that.
Closing the night will be the Champions Night Standard heats. In the first heat Little Sensation looks to be the race favourite with current odds of 7-4. Sensation is used to being the race favourite and has won there of his past five races. In his last race on 13 August, he lost to Altmore Panther by a shoulder.
The second heat of the Standard will see 5-2 Kish Pirate in the first trap and 2-1 Fire For Effect in the sixth. Pirate and Effect will both be looking to reassert themselves as winners after poor outings in their last races.
The final heat of the day features Altmore Panther at 11-8. Pather finished in fourth in his last race on 20 August as the race favourite, but won four out of five races previous to that. Panther seems to have a pattern of winning back-to-back races after bottom finishes so look for him to rebound in this one.



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