Reasons why Kobe Bryant will suffer if the next NBA season gets cancelled

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Reasons why Kobe Bryant will suffer if the next NBA season gets cancelled

The NBA lockout is on the verge of completing its 150 days and with each passing day, the prospect of cancellation of the next NBA season is becoming a harsh reality.
Last Monday, the final proposal offered to the National Basketball Players Association by the franchise owners, was declined by the players after concluding their meeting in New York. The reason for rejecting the offer was that
owners hardly made any changes in their ‘final’ offer.
The battle that has waged on for almost two year has now been taken to the court of law and it is here that the fate of the NBA financial system will be decided. The Lockout has been tough not only on the parties involved, but
also on the arena worker and most importantly the fans.
The players, on last Tuesday, lost nearly 1/12th of their pays and with a solution to the dispute nowhere in sight; they are set to lose even more. The financial loss might be the worrying factor for most of the NBA
players, but there are some, who are missing out on the much more than that.
Guys like Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant are in the twilight of their careers and yet there are many things which they would still want to accomplish. Among them, Bryant stands out
as figure, who is on the verge of breaking many NBA records and he will most definitely feel the sting of a lost season;
Here are the reasons why Kobe felt more pain for losing the games because of lockout.
Kobe wants to beat Shaquille O’Neal in NBA’s All-Time scoring record
Kobe is now 33 years old and with passage of time, he losing the spark that he used to have in his 20’s. In addition to that the aging player is also facing fitness issues. He played with a nagging right knee in the last season
and several NBA analysts had termed Bryant’s poor form was the result of that knee.
The Los Angeles Lakers got that knee operated early in the off season and would now be rearing to go. The first thing he would want to do is to eclipse Shaquille O’ Neals’ scoring record. Although Kobe has never admitted that he
wants take that crown from Shaq. However, given the rivalry between the two greats, this is one thing; Kobe wouldn’t want to miss on.
Shaq had scored 28,596 points in his career and Kobe is sitting on 27, 868 points. All he needs is another 728 points and he will have the last laugh.       
Make up for the last season
In the previous season the Lakers entered the postseason with an excellent regular-season record (57-25) and looked set to achieve yet another three-peat. However standing in their way, were a group of veterans from Dallas, who
had never got their hands on the holy grail of NBA.
The two rivals met in the Western Conference Semifinals and what happened in the series, is a thing that the Lakers would want to erase of their memories pretty quickly.
The Mavs swept aside the Lakers and Kobe Bryant was completely overshadowed by the brilliance of Dirk Nowitzki. That has not happened to Kobe, much in his career and the Lakers talisman will be itching to make mend for the last



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