Kobe Bryant’s underrated achievements in his NBA career: NBA Feature (Part-1)

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Kobe Bryant’s underrated achievements in his NBA career: NBA Feature (Part-1)
Los Angeles Lakers future hall of famer Kobe Bryant has conquered every NBA hardwood court he set foot on, since he entered the professional league through the 1996 Draft. The Charlotte Bobcats drafted the dynamic shooting guard
Kobe with the 13th overall pick and traded him to Los Angeles Lakers right away.
At that time nobody would have thought especially Bobcat’s that Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest basketball players even in history of the National Basketball Association.
For Charlotte Bobcats, trading Kobe Bryant was the biggest mistake, one which could have put them in the place of Western Conference elite Los Angeles Lakers. After 15year’s of domination, the 33-year-old Bryant continues to set
milestones in his career and he still has some good years left to achieve even more.
Talking about the most impressive achievements of Kobe Bryant in his NBA career, everybody will mention his 81-point game against Toronto raptors in 2006, Bryant’s 62 points in three quarters against Dallas Mavericks, Kobe’s nine
game streak of at least 40 points and above all Kobe Bryant’s five NBA Championships with Lakers.
However, there are a number of underrated achievements of Kobe Bryant which are quite big for any NBA player. Those feats are either not discussed or many people don’t know about it because Kobe Bryant has taken his game to a level
where people expects him to be the best. That is why some of the impressive accomplishments are not given the due credit.
Kobe Bryant is regarded as one of the most complete player in NBA history. Since 1999, Kobe has been inducted in every All-NBA Team and has appeared in the last 12 NBA All-Star games which are two of the many underrated achievements
of Bryant which are rarely discussed.
Many basketball analysts and sportswriters often compare Kobe Bryant with the Basketball Legend Michael Jordan. In 2007, a poll of sportswriters and analyst voted Los Angeles Lakers superstar as the second best shooting guard in
NBA, behind former Chicago Bulls’ legendary player.
Apart from being one of the most prolific scorers, Bryant is also an excellent rebounder, great defender and an incredible team-player, who creates a number of opportunities for his teammates. Kobe’s career average is 25.3 points,
5.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.5 steals per game which shows the kind of versatility Los Angeles Lakers superstar carries under his belt.
Due to all of these outstanding qualities and unique basketball skills, Kobe Bryant’s achievements are discussed only when he wins a championship breaks a scoring record or does some extraordinary thing which no one has done before.
In the next part, some of the underrated achievements of Los Angeles Lakers legend are discussed.
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