Rashid Latif is the best wicketkeeper produced by Pakistan, says Mohammad Salman – Cricket News Update

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Rashid Latif is the best wicketkeeper produced by Pakistan, says Mohammad Salman – Cricket News Update
Out of favour Test wicketkeeper/batsman,, believes that Rashid Latif is without doubt the best wicketkeeper produced by Pakistan and said that the key for a good wicketkeeper is to have soft hands.
Salman made his International debut in Pakistan’s recent tour of
and Sri Lanka.
The wicketkeeper/batsman plays his domestic cricket for Faisalabad and has been performing brilliantly for his region over the years. Apart from being an effective batsman, Salman is more than useful with the bat. He has come through the ranks of junior
cricket in the country and is one of the few Pakistani cricketers, who had to play a number of domestic seasons before getting the Test cap.
The cricketer from Faisalabad believes that has produced a number of world-class wicketkeepers but there was none better than Rashid Latif. However, Salman has been idealising Salim Yousuf and the legendary Aussie wicketkeeper/batsman, Adam Gilchrist,
who is considered to be one of the best in the history of the game. Rashid Latif was
Pakistan's best wicketkeeper - without any doubts.”
While talking about the technical aspects of keeping wickets, Salman said that things get most difficult when a quality spin bowler is in action on a track which is assisting him. In his opinion, this is the reason why all the world class keepers struggle
when they have to keep wickets on scuffed up tracks of Pakistan,
“I'd say that the hardest part of wicket-keeping is being behind the stumps when a good spinner is bowling on a turning track. You often see great wicket-keepers struggle in the sub-continent when the ball is turning. It's extremely tough when the ball is
turning on a deteriorating track,” he added.



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