Rangi Chase wins Albert Goldthorpe Medal - Rugby League News

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Rangi Chase wins Albert Goldthorpe Medal - Rugby League News
Rangi Chase of Castleford Tigers has earned the Albert Goldthorpe Medal for 2011 which was presented to him at the Huddersfield's Galpharm Stadium, on Tuesday, September 13.
Previously that night, Chase had lost his chance to clinch the Super Rugby League Player of the Year award and lost out to Sam Tomkins of Wigan Warriors. Tomkins has been honoured with the Player of the Year award after he scored the highest number of tries
in the regular season. This is the second year in a row that a Wigans player has nabbed the honour.
Chase’s performance this season was noteworthy, which was seconded by the Managing Editor of Rugby League Express, Martyn Sadler, who said "Rangi has been an inspiration for Castleford this season."
The award comes at a good time for Chase, who has been hounded by transfer rumours during the later part of the recently concluded season. There were widespread rumours about Chase’s exit from Tigers which had picked up momentum after Castlefords’ recent
loss in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup against Leeds Rhino. The loss was very painful for the player. With this defeat, Chase’s Wembley dream ended and he felt embarrassed for not measuring up to the required expectations.    
While referring to the widespread rumour, Chase stated, "Apparently I'm going to Leeds and swapping with Rob Burrow, that's what I've been told I'm doing. It's pretty funny really because as far as I know, I'm staying at Cas."
Chase has two more years on his contract with the Tigers. However, there is a switch at the head coach position and Terry Matterson will be leaving and making room for Ian Millward.
While speaking about this recent change, Chase added, “I think everyone is just keen for some fresh ideas and something new and to learn different things and look at things in a different way. You're always going to learn different things from different
coaches and hopefully make you better players."
In other news of notable awards that were presented Huddersfield, the Rookie of the Year award went to Jermaine McGillvary.



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