David Murphy talks after powering Texas Rangers to 10-4 victory against Cleveland Indians

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David Murphy talks after powering Texas Rangers to 10-4 victory against Cleveland Indians
David Murphy was the highlight of the Texas Rangers victory on Tuesday, September 13 victory against the Cleveland Indians 10-4 at Rangers Ballpark. The centre-fielder proved his mettle as a first choice out-fielder in the squad with a powerhouse display
on the offensive line as the Rangers slammed a victory against the Indians.
There had been confirmation that Nelson Cruz was back in the camp from the disabled list, earlier. Looking at the out-field line up, there was a feeling that Murphy could make his way out of the line up but his 4-for-4 knock proved that theory wrong.
The player managed to smash a tremendous two homers in the game. He scored four runs himself and cemented his role in the club.
Murphy had been on the sidelines during most of the summer due to a weak display in the outfield but his resurgence is proving to be an important factor in the club’s offensive stance. His role on the front lines will now allow Nelson Cruz to recuperate
for the time being.
"It's just the answer to a lot of prayers," Murphy said. "God has been good and answered a lot of prayers. I'm a big believer that I don't do it alone. It has been a lot of fun."
Murphy expressed himself openly in front of the media, explaining his earlier tribulations when the season kicked off.
"Early in the season, I was trying so hard and wanted to play so well so badly, I got outside of myself as a player," Murphy said. "Right now, my approach is solid. I'm not trying to do too much. I'm trying to hit line drives up the middle, and if they make
a mistake, I hit one in the gap or hit a home run."
The star currently has a batting average of .274 and his slugging percentage is .412. However his hitting average from the last 10 games is .419 and that explains how important he is to the club, at the moment.



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