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If I have a balance on my credit cards (They are only in my name) and I were to die would my family have to pay off the balance? Would the credit card company try to get their money from my insurance money that I leave to my son or from my savings account that has my sons as the beneficiaries?




  1. yes, if there is an estate and soemone is enttiled to money, YOU BET THEY CAN, they can get you rsavings account, any life insurnace. YEs,

  2. They can get their money by collecting on your estate.  Your "estate" is anything you have asset wise, in your name when you die.  Insurance is an asset.

  3. Your estate will have assets.  Those assets cannot be distributed until your bills are paid off.

  4. Depending on where you live they could go after the estate in others  ( like NY ) the debt dies with the person.

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