Protesters at republican it just me....?

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or do you love to see protesters come out of no where and do their thing! i think its so brave of them and its hilarious to watch evryone start sweating about it! lol, i love it! obama 08!




  1. what if they protested like that at the Democratic convention? They would have been lynched!

  2. It's not just you.

    Protesters are part of the process, no matter how much the Republicans try to push them away... seems many of them have forgotten the Constitution.

    I do not agree with the destruction of property, but then again I don't think law abiding protesters should be arrested either just because of their political view.

  3. I enjoyed watching them, particularly the crazies. I don't think they are brave, but I do find their antics, and their getups, hilarious. I'll bet they hope someone recorded all of this for them so that they can show their buddies, and, someday, or maybe sooner than that in some cases, their grandkids. "Look, I was a protester! How cool is that!"

  4. Frankly I am embarrassed by it.  This is not the time and place for this kind of thing.  Each party is entitled to have their own convention without the disruption of crack pots.  There will be plenty of time for this on the campaign trail.

  5. Well, of course you would love it.  Anarchy and disrespect at its best.  Brave? More like idiotic.  Now, what I loved was the mature, adult manner in which it was handled; they just escorted her out.  As for McCain calling it "ground noise and static", that's just what it was - a blip showcasing the Democratic mentality.  Give me class over crass any day.  

  6. Im pretty sure they dont help their cause, and i dont see whats so brave about getting arrested and fined like ten bucks, but i do like public disturbances.  I didnt  think these dudes were funny though.  The guy who parachuted into that mike tyson fight back in the day though, that was funny

  7. How did they get in? MSNBC gave them the press passes!

  8. I think McCain was laughing at the lack of class that follows the democratic party. I think it's ridiculous that people act like raging idiots. Don't they have enough time at their own convention and what exactly did they hope to prove, how idiotic they can be. Second I saw no one sweating about it. They were removed and McCain got back to business, end of story.

  9. Actually I would think Democrats would be embarrassed to see idiots of their own party smashing windows and acting retarded in the streets.

  10. Yes there is a side of me that whispered oh my goodness finally this generation cares about something.  In my day, we changed the world with protesting.  It's about time young people get involved in politics.

  11. No, as a democrat I thought it was embarassing.  Independents see that and don't want to be associated with something like that.

  12. yea it was very funny, even McCain had to laugh


  13. I was more disappointed at McCain's reaction, calling it "ground noise and static".  Everyone has a right to voice their opinion, no matter what the Republicans think of it.  Most of this country is now against the war in Iraq, and to call it "ground noise and static" just proves how out of touch McCain is.

  14. Yeah, throwing bleach on elderly people, throwing things at Cops, braking windows, slashing tires, planning to kidnap Delegates and some bozo in possession of molotov cocktails is just so cool.

    Really brave.

    Grow up.

  15. Those arent the Dems. Those ppl are anti-war. Get it right. The ppl protesting are not for a party as much as they are against the war.

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