Premier League - Transfer News: Manchester City targeting Liverpool’s Fernando Torres

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Premier League - Transfer News: Manchester City targeting Liverpool’s Fernando Torres
Spanish striker Fernando Torres has been one of the hottest properties in European football for a while; there have been number of clubs in Europe who have been looking to avail his services. Liverpool, though, is determined to hold on to their man. Torres has been the topic of a move away from Anfield for a while, especially after Spain winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and the fact that Liverpool has not won much in recent time. Liverpool finished a disappointing 6thin the Premier league last season and will not be able to play in the Champions League this season. Torres is believed to be a player who would have European elite competition at the top of his agenda, and that is one of the reasons many clubs are looking to sign him.
The next club in line looking to avail his services is Manchester City; however, the cash rich English club are not part of the Champions League, so that is not something that they can lure the Spaniard with. City manager Roberto Mancini has said that he would do all he can to bring the Spanish marksman to Manchester.
Earlier, Liverpool’s new boss Roy Hodgson had said that Torres is not entirely happy at the club, but he added that he has spoken to his striker and he is willing to stay. Now City’s bid to sign him would be helped by those statements but it would mainly depend on whether Torres wants to move to the ‘Blues’ side of Manchester.
Mancini said that there is no doubt Torres is one of the best not only in Europe, but also in the world. He added that he would definitely add a lot of value to Manchester City. The Italian manager went on to say that this still does not mean that City would be willing to pay an insane amount of money for him. Mancini went on to say that the Spaniard has been in the English game for 3 seasons and has now become quite accustomed to it. Thus, it would be a better idea for him to move within England rather than going back to Spain or starting afresh somewhere else. Mancini reiterated that still it all depends on his willingness to move and what price Liverpool ask for him.
Liverpool prize their striker very heavily, and have put a price tag of 70 million pounds on their front man. English champions Chelsea were also believed to be in the race to sign Torres, but manager Carlo Ancelotti denied having made any approach.
Torres missed a good chunk of Liverpool’s final games in the 2009-10 season due to a groin injury. He did not have the best World Cup campaigns, and looked short on match fitness. However, he did play an integral role in the World Cup winning goal for the Spanish side. Torres was sent on as a substitute in extra time and played an integral role in Andres Iniesta’s goal. Later in the match, while chasing a long ball, he pulled up and once again was suffering from a groin problem. He is expected to be fit in time for the start of the season in mid August.
Torres became part of Liverpool when he was lured in by fellow Spaniard Rafael Benitez in 2007. He did sign a new deal at Anfield last year but is believed to be unhappy at the club. He is believed to be upset by the fact that Liverpool has not been able to bring in big names which was promised to him when he arrived. Lack of trophies has also not helped their cause either, but Manchester City have made it clear that the price tag of 70 million put on by Liverpool is unrealistic.



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