Female tennis at a glance - Three famous female tennis players

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Female tennis at a glance - Three famous female tennis players
In the glorious history of the game of tennis, there are several tennis players from the women’s side who have ruled the minds and hearts of billions of people all around the world. Undoubtedly, all these women tennis sensations have left their immaculate impact with their multifarious yet distinctive games.
Female tennis has always been the tale of competition between absolute strength as well as sensitivity in perfect hits.  Let us analyse some of the players who are still famous even years after their retirement from the professional game of tennis either for their powerful style of game or their contributions to the game of tennis.
1. Maria Bueno
Maria enjoys the honour of being the first female player for her nation, Brazil, who begun contesting the game of tennis at a very small age. The girl without any proper coaching and guidance triumphed in her first championship at twelve years of age. Maria was also the very first non- American female tennis player to grab the grass court Grand Slam title as well as the United States Open trophy. All through her professional career, the girl has won the grass court Grand Slam singles title for a period of three times and the United States Open trophy on four occasions. Apart from that, Maria has also captured a total of twelve doubles Grand Slam titles with six distinct partners. Her game along with her achievements as well as unique style of play is still remembered by the entire tennis fraternity.

2. Billie Jean King
Born in the city of California, Billie Jean was an outstanding soft ball female player in her early age; even then the girl’s parents forced her to play the game of tennis, a decision that changed the lives of many apart from the player herself. Billie was nominated as an "Outstanding Female Athlete of the World" back in 1967. Few years later, the girl was named as the "Sportsperson of the Year", by the Sports Illustrated and thus became the very first tennis player to be awarded with this honour. That was not the end of it; the girl once again received the “Female Athlete of the Year" back in 1973. Billie also registered her name to be the very first female sportsmen who earned a total of $100,000 prize money in one year. Besides playing, Billie was also seen talking at length for women as well as their rights to get equal prize money in the game of tennis in particular as well as other sports in general. Her persistent awareness raising as well as vows have knocked down many obstructions. Billie was also granted the National Service Bowl for her utmost services as the president of American Tennis federation.
3. Tracy Austin
Tracy, the top ranked tennis ace from the United States of America, started playing the game of tennis at a very small age. Truly obsessed with the game of tennis, the American Tracy entered into the professional world of tennis quite early and succeeded in a number of championships including the United States Open title when she was just twelve years of age.
Austin became popular as the youngest American player to triumph in a professional championship when she was fourteen years of age, back in 1977.  The girl also registered her name as the youngest ever player from the women’s side who won the United States Open tournament at a small age of sixteen, back in 1979. The American tennis ace surpassed the records of Chris Evert as well as Navratilova’s of dominating the rankings for six seasons. She kept on improving her game and knocked down Evert at Toyota Series tournament back in 1981. As a result of her contributions to the game of tennis, Tracy Austin became the youngest ever female tennis contender to be inducted in the International Tennis Hall of Fame back in 1992.
All these players because of their unique style, accurate game and huge fan following are still alive in the memories of their fans who simply adore them.



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