Podolski delighted with Arsenal move

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The German international has expressed his delight on the move to this summer and has set his sights on winning silverware.
FC Koln had confirmed the departure of Podolski to Arsenal in the summer transfer window earlier in the week and claimed that it was certainly the player’s decision to leave. The side ended widespread speculation for the past few
months by confirming the news and are now in search of replacements.
Podolski is ecstatic with the move and claims that it is a great opportunity for him to play at the highest stage with one of the best teams in Europe. He admitted that playing with a club such as Arsenal will give him a terrific
experience to play in the UEFA Champions League and further develop his skills.
The striker insisted that his decision is not against FC Koln but for personal development. He admitted that he still has great affection for his boyhood club but is confident that the fans will be able to understand his move.
“The move to Arsenal provides a great opportunity for me to gain experience in international competitions at a European top club. I have made this decision not against FC Cologne but for this great opportunity and the good of my
own individual development,” he was quoted as saying in an interview.
The former Bayern Munich player admitted that it was a very tough decision for him to make as FC Koln is very special to him. He added that he will always love the club and will remember everything that the fans have done for him.
He added that his priority is to save the club from relegation before he leaves in the summer.
“This was not an easy decision for me at all, as FC Cologne, our fans and the city are something special for me. I will always carry FC Cologne in my heart. We need to pool our strengths now and have to be fully focused on our
survival in the Bundesliga,” he concluded. has thus far made 28 league appearances for FC Koln this season and has scored 18 times in the process.



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