Please help....I really need your advice...please!!?

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My last period was 31st of July and not sure when I ovulated. For the past week..I've got bad pains on the lower left hand side of my stomach, also, nausea throughout the day where I had to take the day off work today, dizzy, and sore nipples.

I'm still getting negatives on hpt do you think im testing early? Also, I'm using the ebay tests, the blue and white ones which claim they detect 10mIu. Has anyone used these?

I really don't wanna get my hopes up but I've never had nausea before AF. I've been rying for 2 years with 1 miscarriage.




  1. Well, period July 31, say a week off for that, so you could be like 2 weeks pregnant?  Most tests can detect an HGC level after 10 days.  Do it in the  morning, your first stop at the toilet.  You could be pregnant, and I know you want to be, but you could have pms again.  HGC does cause nausea, but low iron could be involved with your dizziness.  Be patient.  Having a miscarriage scares you to death because you feel like you aren't capable of having a baby.  Really, a miscarriage is 1 of 3 pregnancies.  It's devastating, I know, but if you relax, and stay calm about it, it will happen for you.  You don't want the anxiety of it messing with your system and get it all screwy where you don't know what is going on.  But really, I hope you're pregnant!  Good luck!

  2. wait a lil while longer and take a new test. Good Luck

  3. just go to any clinic or hospital and request a blood test. that's what i would do.

  4. Hello!  I am having the same symptoms and my last period was July 27th and I was supposed to start AF on Sunday (8-24) which she never came and I am like clockwork every month always have been very regular.   I took 3 hpt; 1 at 9dpo, 1 at 10dpo (fmu), and 1 12dpo and all three of them were BFN, and AF still hasnt came so I am getting ready to get a blood test.  In my past pregnancy's I have always know I was preggo before I was and even took hpt and got BFP before I was even LATE.  Hope this helps ease your mind.  Good luck to you.  I think that maybe the pregnancy hormone level is not high enough to register on your test so if you know when AF is due maybe wait till your late and go get another test.

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