Playing spin well is crucial to success in Sri Lanka: Andy Flower – Cricket News Update

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Playing spin well is crucial to success in – Cricket News Update coach Andy Flower has claimed that his batsmen’s ability to handle spin bowling effectively will be crucial to their chances of success in Sri Lanka.
“The biggest lesson we have had to learn is the skill against spin. This is going to be crucial as to how we do. If we can show what we learned from two months in the UAE, we can expect to do well,” Flower said.
The English batsmen struggled to master the bowling of in the UAE, earlier this year. The inability to grapple with the spin bowling led to their consequent defeat in the Test
series, a humiliating 0-3 whitewash for the top Test team.
However, the visitors showed signs of adapting, not just to the conditions, but to the tricky nature of the sub-continental bowling, and bounced back during the limited-overs leg of the series, defeating Pakistan 4-0 in the ODIs, and 2-1 in the T20 fixtures.
“It was really good to see how we responded after the Test series. There were obvious signs that our batsmen had learned something,” Flower claimed.
Perhaps the most remarkable improvement was visible in the performances of, who after registering totals such as 18 and 14 in the Test series, went on to score 111 and 130 in the ODIs, and a 62 in the final T20.
With the UAE series added to their experience, the English team will be battling it out against Sri Lanka in a Test series which commences on March 26 at the Galle International Stadium.
While Flower admits that it is a tough challenge, where they will likely face more spin, he was of the view that the added experience in the sub continent would enable the team to improve their skills in time for their tour of later this year.
“… that is the challenge for us now. We knew going into this year that we had a lot of subcontinent cricket. I'd like to see us improve our skills in that part of the world,” he said, adding that the Lankans had played some good cricket during the tri-series
in last month, and would definitely prove to be a worthy opposition on home grounds.



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