Platinum Ring Damage

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  1. Platinum may be struck and be bent out of round.  With a similar shape and size of gold ring, the gold is more likely to retain the round shape while the platinum is more likely to stay out of round.

    If gold is bent a certain amount, the metal will rebound or spring back a certain amount.  If platinum is bent, it is likely to stay exactly where bent and not spring back.  This is one character of platinum which makes the metal superior to gold for holding stones secure.  The prongs or setting parts may be pressed right onto the gemstones and stay right there with no spring back at all.

    Platinum wears differently than gold.  Honestly, the metal is considered more durable than gold overall. The metal seems to smear along its surface rather than be scratched away.  A scratch is more like a furrow formed without removal of any metal.  With gold, the furrow is the result of metal being removed or scraped away.  This allows gold to appear shinier longer than platinum.  Platinum simply will not maintain a shiny surface for very long.  The surface is not so much wearing away as being pushed around by daily contacts.


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