Broken Platinum Engagement Ring

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  1. Hi same thing happened to me - been to jewellers today and they made all sorts of surprised noises - ' never seen that happen before ' etc etc ( inferring must be me  !)  Been on to consumer direct website and phoned them and it comes under sale of goods act 1979 - if something is under 6 years old and is not fit for its purpose - as in a ring worn on a finger without snapping ?? - then you can do a template letter off consumer direct and send it to them.   Mine did exactly same it kept flattening and going out of shape - in my opinion its too thin at back - but other thing is has yours been sized at all cos a jeweller friend of ours said mine looks like it has just broken where it was cut and then joined together again ( apparently thats what they have to do with platinum rings to size them )   he reckons its just been weakened - or not soldered together properly and the jewellers my husband bought it from did the sizing.

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