Brock Lesnar brutally assaults John Cena yet loses at Extreme Rules – WWE News

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Brock Lesnar brutally assaults John Cena yet loses at Extreme Rules – WWE News
As Brock had promised, he unleashed his wrath upon John Cena in a bloody match at Extreme Rules past Sunday. Unfortunately, Brock Lesnar did not walk out as the winner but he did prove his point that he is the most brutal man in the WWE. On the other hand,
John Cena, who merely survived his way out, managed to FU Lesnar on the steel stairs to grab the victory.
The event took place in Chicago and the match between Cena and Lesnar was the last of the event. Throughout the match, Lesnar was the dominant force. The match started with Lesnar brutally busting Cena’s head open with his right elbow. Within minutes, Cena
was bleeding badly and the medics had to attend to him. Lesnar, as usual, was smiling on Cena’s agony. Once Cena was all good, he tried to attack Lesnar but went through the same once again. Twice the medics attended Cena but the Cenation Leader refused to
give up.
By the mid of the match, Cena tried to make a comeback by lifting up Lesnar for an FU, but Lesnar reversed it and instead delivered an F5 to Cena. To his amusement, Cena beat the three count when Lesnar pinned him. The match went on with Lesnar dominating
Cena. Lesnar tried everything possible to make Cena feel ‘the pain’, and he was successful. Cena could not use his left arm after the brutal arm lock Lesnar had used on him.
Lesnar’s only mistake was to bring the steel staircase to the ring, which Cena used as a platform for his last FU and pinned Lesnar to victory.
After the match, Cena thanked the WWE Universe for their support and interest in the sport. Cena even indicated that he might go for vacations for a while since he was badly injured.
This was the first time John Cena was unsure as to whether he will win or not. A week before the match, Cena, who is usually confident, came up saying that he is afraid of facing Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. For some odd reason, the Cenation leader still
managed to score a victory.



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