PCB inquires Whatmore about Mohammad Yousuf’s return in camp – Cricket News Update

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PCB questions Whatmore over Mohammad Yousuf’s surprising training visit – Cricket News Update
Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials have questioned the stance taken by national team’s head coach, to participate in a training camp at the National
Cricket Academy, Lahore.
According to media reports, the board was left perplexed with the whole situation regarding the 37-year-old, and wants to seek an explanation from the Sri Lankan born coach. Their strong reaction comes mainly after it was rumoured that Yousuf is on the fringe
of selection for the upcoming tour of, scheduled to begin from June 1.
"The official asked Whatmore what was the reason behind allowing Yousuf to train at the National Cricket Academy with the team and also to allow him to take the fitness test that led the media and former players to speculate that the coach was planning
to bring back Yousuf into the national side," the source said.
However, in response to this argument, Whatmore has cleared his position by explaining that it was Yousuf who requested to train with the national team, and that denying him would be considered disrespectful, keeping in mind his seniority.
"Whatmore also claimed that it was Yousuf, who insisted on taking the fitness test and that he (Whatmore) didn't push him about it," the source said.
Earlier, the board had outlined the criteria for selection – a need to perform regularly at the domestic front, with the main aim of reducing any influence in terms of seniority, while laying a platform for any player to get a reckoning into the national
The aging player, who has not appeared in any format of international cricket since November 2010, has dismissed the impression of using shortcuts to make a return, and is hopeful that he can impress the National Selection Panel by performing consistently
at the domestic level.  
The former skipper is further looking forward to a possibility of playing in the English domestic circuit, with county club,, keen on capturing his services.



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