Ian Bell optimistic about regaining his lost form – Cricket News Update

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0 LIKES UnLike optimistic about regaining his lost form – Cricket News Update’s middle-order batsman, Ian Bell, is optimistic about his future with the English team and said that he is just one good innings away from regaining his lost form.
Bell has been a prolific player for the English team since the last couple of years and has played a massive role for his team in order to attain the number one ranking in Test cricket. In 2011, the right-handed batsman scored 950 runs in only eight Test
matches at an astonishing average of 118.75 runs per innings, with the help of five hundreds and a couple of half-centuries.  
However, the stylish batsman has struggled in the recent series’ against was dropped from the limited-overs
Some of the former cricketers have slammed the performance of Bell and some other senior batsmen as they failed to deliver the goods when their team needed them the most.
Bell is not happy with his recent form and is disappointed that he could not live up to his potential in the Asian conditions. However, the 30-year-old batsman is geared up to perform in the upcoming Test series against at home and expressed
that he just needs one good innings to get back his confidence. 
"It's just a matter of getting time in the middle. We've all been in these positions before and you're just one knock away from it all turning round. It's been a tricky little period these last couple of months but, if I keep believing and keep doing the
right things and keep training hard, then it will turn around again," said Bell.
The Test series between England and West Indies is going to start from the 17th of May, 2012, with the first match at the historic Lords cricket ground.
Bell further added that he has been working very hard on his game in order to eradicate the flaws in his technique.  
"You can practise and net and keep all the good habits that I've been doing over the last two or three years," he added.



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