Other ways to get credit besides credit cards?

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What are some ways to get credit besides using a credit card? I guess most people dont have credit until they are out of college?




  1. The easiest way would be to enroll with PRBC, which is an alternative credit bureau that helps people build credit by reporting accounts such as rent, utlities, and cell phone to name a few that doesn't report regularly on your credit. They also have a billpay service that not reports any account that you pay your bills with through them, but it also helps your maintain a good payment history. I posted links that explain this more in detail below

  2. A personal loan, a car loan, a student loan, a mortgage.  Best time to try to build a good credit history is before you graduate from college so you will have the credit you need by the time you graduate.

  3. Buy a computer, motorcycle, furniture car, home or a personal loan as long at you finance and whoever you borrow from reports to the credit bureaus.

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