No tension between Alessandro Del Piero and Andrea Agnelli, says Juventus director Beppe Marotta

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No tension between Alessandro Del Piero and Andrea Agnelli, says Juventus director Beppe Marotta
Juventus director general, Beppe Marotta, has stressed that there is no tension between the club President, Andrea Agnelli, and the Bianconeri captain, Alessandro Del Piero.
There have been rumours of the two being on bad terms and it was reckoned that it was due to this unpleasant relationship that Agnelli recently announced the departure of the Juve captain at the end of the season.
The Bianconeri President, while recently talking to the Juventus board of directors and stakeholders, revealed Del Piero’s exit. He said that the player’s contract with the club expires in June 2012 and the second striker would be saying goodbye to Juve
after this season.
However, Agnelli was bombarded with criticism for giving out the news as the player had not said a word about his departure himself and was ambitious to make the best of the ongoing season.
However, Del Piero responded in a much mature manner and said that "the club’s President is just reminding me when my contract expires with the Turin giants". The striker also claimed that he and Agnelli have a very friendly relationship despite the rumours
regarding their tense cold war. 
The Juve director was recently talking to the media and was clearing out the rumours surrounding the Turin giants. Marotta hailed Del Piero as one of the greatest players to have come to the Turin giants and believes that the club officials and the team
respect him a lot.
“There’s no Agnelli-Del Piero case to resolve. The Shareholders’ Meeting happens once a year and this was the last with Del Piero as a player. The President encouraged the audience to thank the captain who has been the common link with all the stadiums that
came before Juventus Stadium. Agnelli has never lacked respect for Alessandro, someone who’s dedicated his life to Juventus, as a player and as a man,” said the Juve director general. is the all-time appearances record holder while also being the highest goal scorer at the outfit with 205 goals. Del Piero is being wildly tipped to be moving to Major League Soccer once he bids farewell to his Italian adventure. 



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