Alessandro Del Piero laughs at Andrea Agnelli for reminding him of contract expiry – Serie A Update

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Alessandro Del Piero laughs at Andrea Agnelli for reminding him of contract expiry – Serie A Update
Juventus legend and captain,, has responded to the club President’s remarks regarding his departure in June 2012, saying “The President reminded me when my contract expires.”
The President, Andrea Agnelli, in a conference with the club’s stakeholders, had revealed the news of the departure that has sparked a lot of controversy and agitation amongst the Juve loyal.
Agnelli’s statement was considered to be careless as the striker still has to play the ongoing 2011/12 season before his contract expires with the Turin giants.
“Let’s say the President reminded me in advance when my contract expires,” smiled 36-year-old Alex.
Considering the track record of Del Piero with the Bianconeri, it was reckoned that the formal announcement of the player’s departure would be made with some splendour. The hitman has spent 19-years with the Turin giants and has made close to 500 appearances
for the outfit. Del Piero holds many club records including the top scorer for Juventus and most appearances by any player for Juve.
Moreover, the player stayed loyal to the outfit during the 2006 Calciopoli scandal crisis, in which the Lady Killers were relegated down to second division, Serie B. It was a crucial point as many key players left Turin to suffer but Del Piero stayed loyal
and helped the club regain their position in the top flight.
Critics throughout Europe and have thrashed Agnelli for his recent careless behaviour. Many also think that such statements before time will affect the performance of the second striker in the ongoing term. It is very critical for Juve to have Del
Piero this term as they are looking forward to making a comeback in Serie A as well as European competitions.
However, the player’s agent, while talking to the media recently, revealed that Juve would not be the end of Del Piero’s career. The representative said that after the contract at Turin expires, the talismanic striker would be moving out to Major League
Soccer as many outfits are keen to have his services.



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