New York Yankees live to fight another day in ALCS after rain delay – MLB Update

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New York Yankees live to fight another day in ALCS after rain delay – MLB Update
New York Yankees were saved by a rain delay on Wednesday evening. The predicted rain storms eventually cancelled their Game 4 of American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers. The Yankees and the Tigers will now play Game 4 on Thursday at
4:07 pm local time.
Yankees will live to fight another day in the ALCS despite the absence of predicted rain showers. Right now, Joe Girardi and his men are trailing 0-3 in the best of seven ALCS. According to a leading sports website, the game at Comerica Park in Detroit,
Michigan was postponed after a delay of around 90 minutes.
A murky rain finally began 15 minutes after the postponement was announced. Game 4 has been rescheduled for Thursday at the time when rain is likely to stop. If the Tigers fail to beat the Yankees tomorrow, they will have to play Game 5 on Friday.
According to Major League Baseball rules, playoff games must be played to a conclusion unlike the regular season game when a result can be called off after five innings. Tigers’ Game 4 must be played to a conclusion on Thursday evening.
"Yeah. Last year in the ALCS, actually. We were in Texas. They called it at 3 o'clock. It never rained,” Max Scherzer said in a post game interview.
"About 10 minutes before I went outside to warm up," he said. "It was like 7:20. They said, 'Game's delayed. Rain's gonna come at 9."
"We're baseball players. We get rained out all the time," Scherzer said, as he readied to go.
It is unclear if the MLB officials will decide to organise Game 5 with Game 4 on Thursday. If Game 5 is played on Friday, New York will have to win four games in four days.
Yankees’ starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia will be under a lot of pressure when he steps on to the mound on Thursday. However, Sabathia seems likely to make only one start in ALCS against the Tigers.
The Yankees will be looking for a miracle to get a decisive win and keep their hopes alive for the remainder of the ALCS.



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