New York Mets defeat New York Yankees 3-2 to avoid series sweep – MLB Update

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New York Mets defeat New York Yankees 3-2 to avoid series sweep – MLB Update
Ronny Paulino tied in the ninth and Jason Bay drove in a game-snapping single in the tenth, as the New York Mets surprised the state rivals and American League leaders New York Yankees 3-2 series finale, at Citi Field in New York on Sunday, July 3.
As the Yankees were heading towards their series sweep with 2-1 lead until the bottom of the eighth inning, the Mets’ pinch hitter Paulino drove to the right-side of the field to allow Jason Bay a game-tying run at the edge of the bottom of the ninth inning.
A single that came off the Yankees’ unsurpassed closer Mariano Rivera not only put the Mets to their 42nd win but also made the Mets’ manager Terry Collins excited.
After closer, Francisco Rodriguez held the Yankees to scoreless in the top of the tenth and Jason Bay splashed a game-winning single off Luis Ayala, Collins’ excitement jumped.
Collins said, "This game is enormous. To have the game we had, to battle to the end and to score off Mariano, it does not happen very often. And to get the one guy that we need to get going and have him get the big hit for us, a lot of pieces fell into place
His starter Robert Allen Dickey allowed one run on two hits and two walks while striking-out three batters over five innings. Reliever Pedro Beato conceded one hit and made one strike-out over two innings. Jason Isringhausen gave away one run on two hits
and walked one over an inning.
The Yankees’ starter Freddy Garcia tossed strong pitches and cleared a way for his eighth win. He received only one run on six hits over seven innings. David Robertson also threw a perfect eighth inning to get his 18th hold in 2011. However, the
Yankees’ top closer Mariano Rivera stunned his bull-pen when he allowed one run on two hits in the last inning.
"You make your pitches," the 41-year-old Rivera said. "I walked Bay and then threw other pitches, and the ball just finds the holes. You cannot do anything about that. I think Paulino did a tremendous job with the ball, with the pitch and he got the ground
ball through the infield."
It was the Yankees fifth loss in the last 22 games and a fourth in 19 games since Derek Jeter went on the disabled list. Jeter is now likely to return against the Cleveland Indians on July 4, after a successful recovery from the strained right calf.
All the fans are looking forward to see Jeter back in action in the exciting match-up against the Indians.



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