New York Mets defeat Atlanta Braves 1-0 in their 2012 regular season opener - MLB Update

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New York Mets defeat Atlanta Braves 1-0 in their 2012 regular season opener - MLB Update
Starter Johan Santana takes New York Mets to 1-0 victory against Atlanta Braves on April 5, 2012 at Citi Field, New York in their regular season clash.
Before the start, Mets were little pushed back with the knowledge that Santana will be pitching after a very long time and therefore may not be as effective. What magnified their concerns was a perception of smaller dimensions at Citi Field, something feared
disastrous for pitchers.
Exactly the reverse panned out however and Santana in a glimpse of his actual strength threw five scoreless innings. He withheld his pace and tricked hitters with change-ups.
It was believed that he will be regaining his fastball in upcoming games after he struggled a little on this front. All-in-all it was a master-class display of pitching on the mound.
"Looks like the same dude to me," said Braves' second baseman Dan Uggla. "The only difference I can see is like, he's not throwing quite as hard. But it didn't seem to matter."
Irrespective of what pundits envisage of Mets’ fate this year, they showed enough in the game that any surprise performance will not be leaving any excuse for opponents in upcoming games.
Mets are not heeding much to their prospects and as one of their closers Frank Francisco admitted, they will go all-out in tearing off the stigma being accorded to them.
"Today is the perfect situation," Frank Francisco said, "To show some negative people out there we can do it. We can win more than they think we can."
While it was an ideal regular season start for Mets, Braves will be demoralised, managing only four hits in 31 at-bats in the game.
Absence of Chipper Jones was felt thoroughly by them as they ended up shut-out. Braves had their first opening day without Jones since 1996.
They can be happy from the news that the Jones will be ready well in time and as soon the third baseman with .304 career batting average and 454 home-runs returns, their season prospects will change diametrically.  
Tommy Hanson started for the Braves and in five innings, he struck-out four and gave up three walks. He did his best on his part, but if it was Tim Hudson on the opening day, Braves will have fared different.
Hudson is sustaining injury and had a back surgery during the off-season.
How far the Mets can take their momentum from now onward will be crucial for their performance in the forthcoming games.



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