New York Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni looking to raise $30 million for Marshall University: NBA News

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New York Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni looking to raise $30 million for Marshall University: NBA News
New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni, who had represented alma mater, Marshall University at the college level, is now looking to help his university raise funds for the construction of indoor sports facility and soccer stadium.
D’Antoni and ex-New Jersey Nets quarterback Chad Pennington were chosen as co-chairmen of the fund raising committee of Marshall University and according to reports; they will lend a hand to raise $30 million for the construction
of the facilities.  
Both D’Antoni and Pennington met each other for the very first time in the previous month fund raiser, where Marshall received $5 million in the form of single donation from the Cline Family foundation.
The lockout has not just provided D’Antoni a great opportunity to do the charity work, but he has also found some time for other activities too. He visited Charleston, W.Va., recently to have lunch with alumni that were arranged
for another fundraising event and on September 10, Mike will participate in an event where he will have his No. 10 jersey retire. D’Antoni’s brother Dan D’Antoni will present him the jersey. Dan represented the Marshall from 1966 to 1969, where he also used
to wear No.10 jersey.     
Marshall Athletic director John Sutherland said, "[The lockout] actually worked out well for us. I'm really grateful [D'Antoni] is willing to do this. I can't overstate the significance Danny and Mike have to Marshall. People are
saying to me, 'Am I really having lunch with Mike D'Antoni?' He means a lot around here."
D’Antoni played three seasons from West Virginia College and still holds the record of second all time school’s assist record. He then guided Marshall to the 1972 National Collegiate Athleticism Association tournament. That squad
achieved the 12th spot in the national ranking concluded by the press.   
Mike D’Antoni told during an interview that, "Marshall's been great to me and I'm anxious to do it. Being on the same side of the country, I can do more for Marshall. It was tougher on the West Coast [in Phoenix]."
At the time when Marshall’s 75 football players lost their lives in a tragic plane crash in 1970, Mike was a freshman and his brother Dan was an assistant basketball coach. A movie was also made on the tragic event “We are Marshall.” 
After becoming the head coach of the Knicks, D Antoni’s responsibilities increased and it became hard for him to participate in such events. However, the work stoppage has put away his responsibilities for a while, as he is not
allowed to practice or even converse with the players not even the free agents. Moreover, National Basketball Association had prohibited it’s coaches from even talking about the players publically.



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