DFB President Theo Zwanziger defends Rudi Voeller after Philipp Lahm comments

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DFB President Theo Zwanziger defends Rudi Voeller after Philipp Lahm comments
German Football Association President Theo Zwanziger has defended former national team manager Rudi Voeller after harsh statements from in the latter’s Autobiography “The Subtle Difference”. He claimed that the national
team players have some responsibilities and that they should offer some respect to their seniors.
Lahm has stated in his book that Voeller’s time as Die Mannschaft manager was the easiest and most relaxing one. The defender added that the team had to train for only one hour the whole day and the rest of the time was spent on
playing the Playstation.
Zwanziger insisted that the players from the national are public figures and they are idols to many and this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. He stated that the current crop of players should have respect for their seniors rather
than insulting them in public.
“Our national players must be aware of their special responsibilities to the public. This includes respecting football personalities with whom they did not always agree,” he was quoted as saying in an interview to DFB’s official
The chief claimed that the Bayern Munich defender has made a mistake and he should correct it now by offering his apology to the people involved. He added that it is the Association’s duty to assess the behaviour of the players
and make sure that they do not get involved in such activities.
“The task of the DFB is also to assess on the basis of facts and without bias. For me, Philipp has made a mistake, because he attracted sensation at the cost of provoking wrong interpretation of his words,” he concluded.
Philipp Lahm also has references to former German and Bayern Munich manager Jurgen Klinsmann and Former Bavarian tactician Louis van Gaal in his book. The defender has criticized the duo for not having the tactical skills to manage
a club of the stature of Bayern and focusing more on the physical strength rather than ability.
The German international has made 175 Bundesliga appearances for Bayern Munich in his time at the club and has scored seven times in the process.



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