New York Giants reflect on Brandon Jacobs’ role in the team – NFL News

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New York Giants reflect on Brandon Jacobs’ role in the team – NFL News
Brandon Jacobs wanted to continue play for the New York Giants, who equally wanted the player to extend his association with the team, but when it comes to business, some tough pills are supposed to be swallowed.
Giants had to part ways with Jacobs after both stakeholders failed to reach an agreement on financial matters of a new deal. Jacobs ended up joining the San Francisco 49ers, but his former teammates still pay him high regard.
Jacobs started his professional National Football League (NFL) career with Giants and played seven seasons for the team before leaving the franchise. In his tenure, he welcomed many new players to the squad and saw some going to other teams.
Now when he is gone, Giants have shared their experiences with Jacobs, who was considered as an emotional leader in the locker room.
Running back, Ahmad Bradshaw, has said that he learned a lot of things from Jacobs without whom, Bradshaw thinks, it will be tough to move forward. Bradshaw commented:
"He was a big brother. He led me through so much, just about the game, about outside the game, about saving money, just a lot of different things. To go through this without him and him not being part of a team anymore and be there with me -- it's going
to be tough."
Running back, Henry Hynoski, who started his professional NFL career last year, which proved to be Jacobs’ last with Giants, said that Jacobs helped him adapting to the conditions of the professional league.
His transition from a college player into a professional league player could have been rather difficult but for Jacobs. While sharing his experience, Hynoski said:
"He made me adapt to the NFL lifestyle quicker than I normally would have because there's a certain charisma and swagger you have to carry yourself with. He told me that I had the potential to make the team and become a starter, so I had to carry myself
as a starter."
Another running back, D.J. Ware, did not stay behind in appreciating Jacobs’ character and said that the latter really helped him become a better individual.
With Jacobs now a part of 49ers, his new team will certainly get benefits. However, there is also a need for Giants to bring Jacobs’ replacement, who could be equally respected and should have leadership qualities. Maybe one of the mentioned players could
step up to take the role.



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