New England Patriots’ Tom Brady determined to come up with “best performance” in Super Bowl – NFL News Update

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New England Patriots’ Tom Brady determined to come up with “best performance” in Super Bowl – NFL News Update
New England Patriots’ quarterback wants come up with his best performance against the New York Giants in Super Bowl wanting to forget the poor show in last game.
Brady is intent on not repeating the same mistakes the Patriots made in their week 9 loss to the Giants earlier in the season, the last year.
Brady admitted that the four turnovers they had in week 9 were the reasons why they lost and appeared determined not to repeat those mistakes.
Brady was responsible for three of those turnovers as he threw two interceptions and fumbled once in the game.
Brady also acknowledged that the Giants had a very good defence being physical and good at tackling.
"The Giants have a very good defence.They have guys that can cover, one of the best pass rushes that you'll face in the league. Very physical in the linebackers. They tackle well. It's a very good defence.” Brady said.
The Week nine, 24-20 loss to the Giants was the last defeat the Patriots have suffered this season and in this year.
After that loss they have gone to win ten straight games. The 20 points scored by Patriots have also been their lowest score this season which demonstrates the strength of the Giants.
Brady was willing to learn lessons from that game, saying he would look at that game several times hoping to learn as much as he could from that game.
Brady recognized that the turnovers have been a big problem for the team.
"We've really escaped the last few weeks turning the ball over," Brady said. "It's one stat, losing the turnover battle pretty much correlates to losing."
Turnovers were not the problem that Patriots faced with regards only to the Giants. Brady had thrown two interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday’s game.
Brady’s performance last Sunday proved to be a dismal one as he threw for two interceptions while completing just 22 of 36 passes for 236 yards with a rushing TD.
That was one of his lowest performances but Brady hoped that he would come up with his best performance when Pats face the Giants in the Super Bowl event.
Brady maintained that the last game will have no “impact” on the Super Bowl game like the game against the Denver Broncos did not affect their last game.
He added that he would be working hard for the next two weeks to try to come up with his best performance.
“Hopefully the best game I've ever played” Brady said speaking of the Super Bowl game.
The Patriots and the Giants have faced each other in a Super Bowl game back in 2008, which was won by the Giants.
You can view live coverage and analysis of the Super Bowl XLVI by on Sunday, 11:00pm, GMT



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