My friend wearing diapers?

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When I came over to my friends... He opened the door wearing a diaper and kept calling me daddy. He pushed me to wear a diaper but I said no. After looking in the internet (still in that house) he may have infantilism... The next day he doesn't talk about it anymore... Is he fetish?




  1. Guest60179

     I am 14 and went over to my best friends Kara's house yesterday to see her easter outfit and she had a cloth diaper and pink plastic pants on under her dress.

  2. Guest59775

    I am 16,and last may one of my best friends,Hannah,who was 15 at the time made her First Holy Communion with the 7 and 8 year olds and she had on a cute,poofy,sleeveless,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace socks and white mary jane shoes.Under her dress she had a cloth diaper with extra large-super size baby plastic pants over it and a white camisole as her top.She told me that since she was in the class with the little kids,her parents bought the diaper and babypants especially for her to wear under her dress to be like the little girls. At her party,her dress got lifted up and her diaper and babypants got checked out by her female relatives and her friends. 

  3. Guest59349

     My best friend,Katie,was 14 at the time and went to a purity ball with her dad and she had on a poofy white flower girl dress with a veil,white tights and white shoes and she showed me the cloth diapers and plastic pants she had on under her tights,She told me her mom made her wear them to feel pure like a baby for the purity ball.

  4.  I am a girl,15 and my best friend Maddie just recieved her sacrement of baptism last sunday and i helped her mom dress her as a baby girl for the ceremomy.After her bath,she laid on her bed and we powdered her,then pinned a thick cloth diaper on her,then put white adult size plastic pants on over the diaper,then a white tee shirt.Next we put a baby style,knee length baptism gown on her with a bonnet,lace socks and white shoes.her mom hung a pacifier on a ribbon around her neck and she sucked on it.she was picked up and held like a baby to get the water on her head.

  5. Yeah, some like diapers.  There are many who do, just don't admitt it.

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