I Need Advice Quick I Want to Wear Diapers

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Im 15 wore diapers to bed till i was 13 and i dont want to ruin my relationship with my mom




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     I am a girl,15 and i like to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants] all of the time except to school.I was a bedwetter for two years from ages 12 to 14 and got to liking the diapers and rubberpants and the feeling they gave me of being like a baby most of the time.So now i wear them after school,to bed and on the weekends.My parents are fine with me wearing them.

  2. Some guys like want to be in a diaper. For some it is a fetish and a big turn on. For some, wearing a diaper is just a way to relax.  For some guys it is the feel and looks they like.

    Many many people think it is wierd or sick To run around in a diaper.  It is sick if the person keeps filling them when they really don't have to.

    Just putting on a diaper is cool if you are willing to pay the price of teasing and people thinking your crazy. Diapers are just a style you feel comfortable useing.

    Yeah I like wearing diapers.

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